MONTANA Water Based

MONTANA Water Based

MTN WATER BASED 300 is a brand new spray paint formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. It is perfect for interior or exterior work, waterproof once dry and its uses extends to:

Compatible with all materials used in Fine Arts and its chromatic color ranges.

Regardless of its water base, the paint covers the needs of speed and drying times of even the most demanding urban artist.

Due to its versatility, water based paint is especially suited for all types of decorative arts and crafts.

With this spraycan you will be able to paint on: Polystyrene, wood, metal, crystal, cement, etc. On porous surfaces, we recommend the use of primers from the ‘94 Specialty’ range.

Client: Montana Colors

Director: Marc Colomines
Art director: Marc Pou
Camera men: Jessone Morillon
Design: Antonio Ribichesu
Animation: Victor Ruiz

Cast: Dolors Nadal, Carlota & %&$/

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